Payment Options

Our funeral services and pre-paid plans are tailored to suit your needs and therefore, the final cost will depend on the services you require. We will work closely and always communicate with you to ensure the final fee fits within your budget.

Fee Estimates

From the initial planning appointment, we will calculate the costs and give our estimate of the fees and a letter confirming the funeral arrangements. If you would like to add more services, please inform us immediately so we can adjust the costs. The estimate of costs will be split into two categories: Funeral Director fees and disbursements.

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Funeral Director Fees

Funeral Director fees cover the services we specifically provide.

Disbursement Fees

Disbursements are payments that are made to third parties. They include payments for the cemetery, crematorium, organist, flowers, newspaper notices, doctors and minister.

Final Invoice

Following the funeral, we will send you a final invoice with the total amount due to cover our services and the disbursements. There are a few different options of how to pay.

Our Range of Payment Options

Administering The Estate Yourself

If you are responsible for administering the estate, you need to submit the invoice to the bank or building society of the deceased. They will debit the payment directly from the account.

Settling The Invoice Yourself

If you will be settling the invoice, we accept cheques, bank transfers and card payments. If you pay prior to the funeral, by debit card or BAC’s, you may be eligible for a discount.

Through a Solicitor

Please advise us as soon as possible if a solicitor is responsible for settling the account. We will liaise with them regarding the payment.

Contact L. Bennett & Sons

For more information about funeral costs and our payment options, please contact a member of our helpful team on 01275 875882.

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